Embedded Engineering, LLC is owned and operated by Clay Cowgill.  For over twenty years Clay has been conceiving, designing, constructing, and destructing electronic systems and software.  After a ten year term of employment in the personal computer and consumer electronics industries Clay has spent the last four years as an engineering consultant developing a variety of products and solutions for clients in the arcade/gaming, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and hospitality industries.

Embedded Engineering, LLC specializes in product development and design engineering.  By combining Clay's experience in hardware/software engineering and management with the skills and talents of a small group of ASIC/HDL designers, mechanical engineers, firmware developers and manufacturing partners, Embedded Engineering can design, develop, and deploy your embedded system with a small, focused team dedicated to your success.

Robert Martin once observed on the topic of creating software: "It seems to me that 90% of the code that gets written in the world is written by 10% of the programmers. The other 90% of the programmers write the remaining 10% of the code (and the 10% then fix it.) ". 

Put simply, Embedded Engineering is part of that elite 10%.  We operate as a small group of developers, every one of which is exceptional at what we do.  We don't accept every job that comes our way.  We might not be the least expensive bid.  If we don't think we can successfully perform the work necessary for your project to succeed, we won't waste your time. Most importantly however, we know what we're doing and we get the job done.

In addition to the "usual" do-all embedded systems skills that every consulting company claims to have, Embedded Engineering has significant experience and existing IP related to:

  • ARM, TI MSP430, Atmel AVR, and Intel Xscale CPU's and SOC's
  • RTOS ports and support for ARM based systems
  • Portable Device design (MP3 players, PDA's, Personal Media Players, etc.)
  • Entertainment and Gaming
  • USB connectivity
  • UL/FCC testing and approval
  • Custom LCD design
  • Rapid prototyping

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